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Reddit Phrase Tracker

This simple program allows you to track the frequency of a certain phrase in a Reddit thread over time. Using the Pushshift API, comments matching the given phrase are quickly gathered and saved in a CSV file. This file is then easily plotted using ggplot in R.

Uses the Pushshift API.

Source Code

Python R

Cryptocurrency & Stock Tools

A web app created to keep users up-to-date on the current prices of various cryptocurrencies and stocks. Also features calculators, such as the fear-of-missing-out calculator, intended to make you feel bad about not investing in Bitcoin soon enough.

Uses the CryptoCompare & IEX API's.

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HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery

Reddit Comment Analysis

A non-scientific analysis of Reddit comments. Using a Reddit bot written in Python, this program writes comment metadata to a file, which is then used to compile statistics on the collected comments. Such statistics include which subreddits had the most comments (from the data), which subreddits had the most comments deleted, and more.

Uses matplotlib to create charts.

Source Code


OSRS Skill Tracker

A combination of the OSRS Hiscore Tool as well as another tool from my Github profile. Used to Tracker various user's experience gains in specific skills over a time period. Returns a ranked list of users by amount of experience gained as well as amount of levels gained in the tracked skill.

Source Code

Java Swing

OSRS Hiscore Tool

A simple program that takes in a list of users, which can be loaded and saved to a file, and ranks the users by amount of total levels and total experience at the time of running the program.

Source Code

Java Swing

Secret Santa Matcher

This program automates the secret santa process. Just enter everybody's name and phone number in the included JSON file, and the program will automatically create pairs. When the pairs are created, a text message is sent to each participant telling them who to buy a gift for!

Achieved with the Twilio API.

Source Code